About that one guy, you know, with the beard and stuff

I am a ranga. And I have lots of cameras. And I think I'm a pretty decent person, but I suppose that is for others to judge really. In terms of photography, I've always been interested in it, admiring photos I'd seen since I was child. I took it on as a hobby after my last year of high school, when my father lent me his old Ricoh XR-2s film camera. So I guess I'm part of the last generation of photographers who first learnt on film. As the years have gone on, I still feel that same level of excitement when picking up a camera. I still shoot on both digital and film, but I will always have a certain fondness for the film process.

The idea that drives nearly all my work is the hope that I can take a photo that doesn't just show what a person looks like, but who they truly are as a living breathing person.